Premier Virtual Assistant

Premier Virtual Assistant

Get everything you need to launch your new venture.
Help busy entrepreneurs with those mundane tasks that you excel at by becoming a virtual assistant.

Utilize your skillset and experience to ease the pressure on busy executives and help them stay focused.

Premier VA

Thinking About Becoming a VA?

Have you been working from home or just need a steady income with a workload you choose?
Then consider working for yourself as a virtual assistant.
Work the hours you want, for the rate you want. Take on as much or as little work as you can handle.

At Premier VA, we can provide:


Getting Started

Help and advice to get you going. So that you can hit the ground running and gaining clients.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Included

Your site will be kept fully up to date. Protected from online threats and fully backed up.

Website Design

Website Design

Off the shelf designs styled to your specifications and featuring just the service you want to offer.


Software You'll Need

A comprehensive list of all the free and premium software you will need to get started.

Website Hosting

Full Hosting Included

No need to shop around for a web host. We’ve got you covered with specialised cloud hosting.

Optional Extras

Optional Extra Services

The things you may need later down the line such as SEO, marketing, events management or social media management.

How Can Premier VA Help?

By providing you with a website and the help you need to get started:

  • A fresh clean website from which to market your services.
  • Fully hosted on our cloud servers.
  • Maintained and kept up to date.
  • Full security to keep hackers out.
  • Secure, off-site, nightly backups.
  • A comprehensive list of the software you’ll need, with links provided.
  • White label sub-contractors to fill any gaps in services you wish to offer.
  • Well priced optional extra services you may need.

Our Commitment

Male VA

Easy Start

Everything you need to get you started. You just need to find the clients.

Clear Costs

Clear Costs

Our ‘Off-The -Shelf’ pricing is geared so that you know your baseline costs.


Always Evolving

As we bring new services online you will be kept in the loop and up to date.


Work when you want,
At the rate you want.

Take on as much, or as little work as you need to.

You may think that the market is flooded now because so many people who have started as virtual assistants in the last couple of months. However, we are still on the very edge of the virtual assistant revolution. Because entrepreneurship and online businesses have seen considerable growth in recent years. This means that all of those people who started their business in the last few years are just now getting to the point where they need a virtual assistant to help them. Be that VA they need.

Services you could offer

Services You Could Offer


Admin Support

Offer your clients the administrative support they need to help their business grow without the overhead costs or commitments of employing someone. This could be a one-off project or long-term support.

Email management

Email Management

Set up alerts, rules, and filters to suit your clients needs and preferences. Clean up and sort, archive or delete old emails clogging up their inbox.
Manage and update their contact lists so they don’t lose that valuable contact.

Diary management

Diary Management

Effective diary management is a must for any business owner in order to keep control of everything from internal and external meetings, making reminders, keeping a record and deadlines as well as booking their appointments.

Call Management

Call Management

Offer to pick up the calls your client might miss (or would rather miss). Help their business in a way that means they reap huge benefits. It could be taking a consultation or treatment booking or an order over the phone and ensure they retain a client.



So long as you have the right qualifications, bookkeeping can be an excellent additional service you could offer. Every business has an element of bookkeeping work and it’s often the thing that’s on the bottom of the to do list.

Proof Reading

Proof Reading

A valuable service to be able to offer clients.
This service can include basic spell checking, correcting grammatical errors, including punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, and sentence structure. Which, in turn presents professionalism.



A virtual marketing assistant can help grow a clients market presence. Implement their ideas (or your own) to ensure they reach the right audience with the right message, at the right time, with the right plan.

Events Management

Events Management

Bringing delegates together in one room for a client in this current climate isn’t always possible. But this doesn’t mean the event can’t happen! With quality web tools, it’s easily possible to host a meeting.

Your Business Your Way

Working from home has it drawbacks. But these are far outweighed by the many benefits of working in a comfortable environment that you control, at a time that you can manage.

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